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leader's speech

  Dear friend:

  Welcome to our company, sincerely hope that you can know, understand and pay attention to our company through the internet.

  The future development of the road, we will continue to promote "innovation, science and technology to serve the country" spirit of enterprise, adhere to the "Si Chen reputation from the extraordinary quality of" philosophy, adhering to the "create first-class enterprise, create first-class products" business purpose efforts to provide a full range of quality services to customers. To "service science, the return of society" as the mission of the enterprise, so that enterprises can realize the dream of all the people at the early stage of the dream ---- determined to think Chen instrument into an internationally renowned instrument leadership brand!

  In the era of knowledge economy in the world, talent, capital, technology, market, business philosophy constitute the lifeline of enterprises. People-oriented, capital, technology, market as the guide, to create a favorable external environment, to maximize employee's ability and cleverness and enthusiasm, to keep up the vitality of the enterprise. However, in the future, is filled with a thousand regrets. Faced with an increasingly open market environment, hope and difficulties intertwined, opportunities and challenges coexist. We have honed technology and service team dare Ganpin, has accumulated over the years of the formation of innovative mechanisms and systems, there are constantly new reserves, with the rapid development of high-tech industries, energy-saving will be high spirited attitude and new style, to seize the opportunity and meet the challenges, accelerate the development of a century. Brilliant!

  Customer service is our forever, we think Chen people realize the value of the starting point and end point, we are deeply concerned about the owners, employees, suppliers and society at the same time, deep, advance to meet and cultivate clients and potential demand is our endless pursuit, to help customers succeed to science the experimental data obtained at the end of our success. This is the source of power for each of us. Knowledge means, we unceasingly enterprising, make every effort to upgrade the traditional high-tech equipment manufacturing industry, to realize the upgrading of the world first-class level, to obtain the survival and development of space from high quality, large scale, so as to create a world-class scientific instrument supplier is the future prospect of our knowledge in the field of vision.

  The development and growth of the company, all of which are at all levels of government support and encouragement, can not be separated from the broad masses of friends to understand and support, but also inseparable from the broad masses of old and new customers for many years of concern and care. Here, I would like to extend my heartfelt thanks and respect, at the same time, I look forward to continuing to give you love and support the instrument.

  Dear friends, partners and friendly suppliers, we sincerely look forward to your visit and guidance.

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