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Employer concept

  Instrument, Chen "talent strategy of fundamental goal is to establish the modern talented person values, with advanced human resources development and management, to support to achieve the goals of enterprise development strategy,

  Adhere to the "people-oriented" scientific concept of development as the root of the human resources work, the staff with enterprise common increase as the company's objectives, develop human resources, to leave

  Only strong enterprise comprehensively advancing road in dunhuang, sustained, healthy and rapid development of seed industry. In regard to the development of talent resources, our talent strategy is to dig through the modern human resources management practice

  Dig potential of employees, improve staff quality, optimize the talent structure, in order to improve enterprise's competitive advantage, grab the future development of the commanding heights, create good environment, personal value realization

  Strives for the best combination of enterprise needs and employee needs.

  Companies adhere to the management innovation in the process of human resource management, actively applying modern management technology, attract talent, motivate talent, improve personnel, realize the company management modernization,

  Provide full realization of self-worth development space for employees. Comprehensive progress, with emphasis on the training to improve the talent team construction, train and bring up a group of skilled, will manage the composite

  Key management team.

  On the mechanism of choose and employ persons, the company has consistently adhered to "having both ability and political integrity, amount to the use of" way of choose and employ persons. With an open concept of talents, discovery, and cultivating talents.

  Business calls for talents, talents to promote development. Think instrument is a young enterprise, an enterprise with a more beautiful future. We hope to have more like-minded people

  Into the SAP instruments ranks, more and more people paying attention to the development of instrument science and technology, Chen. For the society, and make contributions to mankind a better tomorrow.

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