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Kinematic viscosity/densitometer

  • SC-265-3 automatic capillary viscosimeter cleaner
  • SC-265-3 automatic capillary viscosimeter cleaner
  • SC-265-3 automatic capillary viscosimeter cleaner
  • SC-265-3 automatic capillary viscosimeter cleaner
  • SC-265-3 automatic capillary viscosimeter cleaner is designed for using capillary viscometer and the design and manufacture of automatic cleaner cleaning and testing of petroleum products. Can be used for cleaning every has three port 's, Uzziah, Finland's,
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Instrument Overview Technical Parameters Performance characteristics

  This instrument is an automatic cleaner designed and manufactured specifically for cleaning capillary viscometers used in petroleum product testing. It can be used to clean glass capillary viscometers with three ports, such as Pinot, Ubbelohde, Finn, and countercurrent. Changed the current situation of relying on traditional manual cleaning, which is time-consuming, laborious, and difficult to clean. The instrument adopts microcontroller control technology, program control, automatic cleaning, easy to use, consumes less solvent oil, and has high cleaning efficiency. If you choose the original imported LOCK and URKERT suction pumps, they will be faster, more efficient, and energy-saving. It can be widely used in petroleum product production enterprises, user units, relevant universities, research institutes, laboratories, and other occasions where various capillary viscometers are used.

1, working power supply: AC220V + 10% 50Hz

2, temperature control range: room temperature to 80 C

3, power consumption: less than 700W

4, ambient temperature: room temperature to 35 C

5, relative humidity: less than 85%

6, size: 320 x 300 x 500 mm

1, using microcomputer control technology, automatic capillary viscometer internal cleaning and drying, realize the automation of cleaning.

2, suitable for automatic cleaning fan has three port 's, Uzziah, Finland's, countercurrent glass capillary viscometer.

3, automatic cleaning, drying, and has three ports of various capillary viscometer, bid farewell to capillary cleaning troubles.

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