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Service Content

  After/warranty service:

  After the equipment to use field, our company will provide the following service/warranty service:

  1, installation and debugging in the field have qualified power supply, air supply, the essential condition of laboratory and related installation, after-sales service engineers will be door-to-door free installation debugging equipment, training operators and equipment maintenance personnel on site. (recommended equipment operators in equipment installation and debugging before learning the state standards or to participate in the relevant national standards of training.)

  2, the warranty service: for from the warranty one year from the date of installation and debugging (3), life-long free maintenance, provide maintenance guidance.

  3, the service response: reply to answer user 2 hours, according to the fault condition, if you need door to door service after-sale service engineers within 48 hours to the scene of the user. Note: door-to-door service standards, in view of the equipment problems, the user in accordance with the instructions in the "troubleshooting" section for troubleshooting operation, still cannot solve the problems, our company provide door-to-door service. If need to replace parts, after-sales service engineers will be according to the situation of using the scene of the spare parts to determine whether need door-to-door service, and the specific time.

  4, software upgrades, lifelong provide free software upgrade.

  5, spare parts, ensure the supply of consumables, accessories for a long time.

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